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Crafting A Persuasive Research Paper: 10 Topic Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

A well chosen topic is half the success with persuasive research papers. Choose a topic that is controversial, pressing, not overused, and that you are personally interested in exploring. Here are few ideas to assist you with your choice.

  1. Should people have to take an exam in order to vote?
  2. When we have to take exams, in order to be able to drive or become an accountant, we consider it a reasonable necessity. However, when it comes to voting, many people don’t even think about whether or not they have enough knowledge to choose the right political party. Even though, choosing the wrong course and wrong politicians can have disastrous consequences for the whole nation. Look for examples of “voting exams” in different countries for arguments by experts advocating this practice, and check whether it violates any constitutional rights.

  3. Should voting be made compulsory?
  4. “Voting apathy” is considered to be a problem in many democratic societies. Explore the roots of this problem, and identify possible ways to solve it that don’t involve introducing punishments for non-voting.

  5. Should we use a single-payer or voucher-based health insurance system?
  6. Explore the pros and cons of each system and argue which one is better. Your instructor will probably be impressed that you selected this rather complicated topic, and discussed it with sufficient depth.

  7. Should people over 70 be required to pass annual physical capability tests in order to renew their driving licenses?
  8. As eyesight and reaction rate diminish over age, they can reach levels under which a person can’t drive adequately. However, there are no nationwide policies to control this potentially dangerous condition in drivers, making it a matter of personal responsibility. Advocate the need for such policies, or argue against it, based on the experiences of other countries.

  9. Should genetic screening be made compulsory for couples who want to have a child?
  10. Treatments for children, born with severe and incurable medical conditions, have been found to cost the nation millions of dollars a year. Many of these babies could have been born healthy, if their parents had used genetic screening.

  11. Should tax and insurance benefits be extended nationwide, to same sex families?
  12. Should new drugs be tested on death row inmates, rather than on animals?
  13. Should plastic surgery, for physically handicapped children (e. g. those born with Downs Syndrome), be paid for with medical insurance?
  14. Should women be paid for childbirth?
  15. Should there be, a legally established, minimal age for children to use technology?

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