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The 10 Best Funny Research Paper Topic Ideas You Wouldn’t Think Of

When it comes to research papers and research paper topics, there are a lot of weird and bizarre topics and ideas that people have used in the past. As someone who has been in the industry for a very long time, come across so many of these and shared ideas with a lot of students in the same regard, this is something that is worth pointing out, especially when considering the fact that we are trying to help you realize some good from your paper. There are really funny topics that students have once come up with, most which you would definitely never imagine someone coming up with, but then again in the world that we live in, you can never take things for granted. Some of these topics are so absurd and funny, they will definitely make you laugh.

  1. Ovulation as a secret weapon for lap dancers – this was to demonstrate the absence of estrus in human females
  2. Which one between a dog flea and a cat flea can attain the highest jump?
  3. The prospect of theft of ethics books in libraries is higher than any other books
  4. Do woodpeckers ever get headaches and migraines?
  5. The booty call: a compromise between the ideal mating strategies for men and women
  6. Using a human taste panel to optimize the sensory characteristics and acceptance of canned cat food
  7. Sword swallowing and its side effects
  8. Are empty or full beer bottles stronger and is it possible that their fracture threshold is enough to break the human skull?
  9. Pressures produced when penguins poop: calculating the avian defecation angles

Well, these are but some of the few topics that have surprisingly ever been written on, and the research papers even went on to become so popular. In the event that you are yet to find one convincing enough, well, there is also the one where someone undertook to determine the possibility that chicken are attracted to more beautiful people than those who aren’t. Some of these titles are absurd, outright absurd, but then again, what else is there to expect from a world of free expressions and the freedom of choice?

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