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Characteristics of an Effective Honeynet


It is evident from this paper based on various technological research-based studies that honeypots, as well as Honeynet, are computer based tools and techniques that can be used in order to improve computer knowledge. However, they require the use of various computer base knowledge and resources in order to operate effectively and efficiently. In that sense, operators of Honeynet should have skills that will allow them to understand the operations of their Honeynet to promote their computer security measures and policies.

Recent research studies and publications also indicate that both honeypots and Honeynet can help in collecting information and also record information especially on hacker's activities. This helps in diverting and reducing the strength of attackers of a network system. Furthermore, after identification of the network attackers and hackers motives, network operators, and end users should provide countermeasures and policies to reduce, control and prevent attacks on their network and computers systems. This will promote security of the system and capturing of data in the system.

Therefore, it is clear and evident from this paper that effective Honeynet should have proper honeypots data collection systems in order to help in collection hackers and attackers information. The systems should also have proper and effective data control and data capture systems. The provision of private virtual honeypot and data deception systems can also be used in promoting the effectiveness of Honeynet. The provision of IDS solutions, security protection measures and placement application can also be used in order to promote the effectiveness of Honeynet. It is also clear that the provision of packet honeypot program can help in filtering information of the system, thus reducing potential threats and weakness of the systems. The provision of data monitoring systems and troubleshooting practices can also help in reducing honeypot problems.

There are various issues that surround the operations of Honeynet and honeypots include administrative policy systems and data collection procedures. Despite this, it is important that global firms hire competent and well train Honeynet operators in order to boost the security of their network systems especially from dangerous attackers and hackers. This will also reduce the risks and problems associated with honeypots and Honeynet as well as maximize the benefits of the application in the firm.

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