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How To Pick Original Research Paper Topics: An Effective Tutorial

When you are writing a research paper, do you know what the most crucial part is? Developing an interesting paper based around an original, fascinating, and attention-grabbing topic! Sometimes, when we are writing our papers, when the writer’s block hits, it seems like there are NO original research paper topics left out there that haven’t already been used, right? Wrong. There are ALWAYS more original topics out there and here is an effective tutorial on how to pick original research paper topics.

When selecting a topic to write about, it can often seem a bit overwhelming. It always seems like we have thousands and thousands of thoughts floating around in our heads and not enough decisiveness to narrow into one topic. Here is an effective process that you can go through each and every time that you have to write a paper and it will help you come up with some seriously awesome (and original) research paper topics that won’t have you overwhelmed or stressed:


BRAINSTORMING: Let’s take it back to the basics with good, ole’ fashion brainstorming. Grab a sheet of paper, a laptop, or really any method in which you can write your thoughts down and just start thinking! Some research papers have prompts in which your topic is supposed to branch off of, so if that is the case, then start thinking in that field. If you don’t have a prompt and are allowed to write a paper on any topic of your liking, write down the first things that come to mind until you have formulated a lengthy list with plenty of options to choose from.


PRELIMINARY SELECTIONS: Once you have your list of ideas, go through each one and start to envision the kind of paper you would write for each topic idea. Come across one of your brainstorming ideas and realize you can’t really do that much with it? Cross it off the list! Narrow your list down until you have 3-5 brainstorm ideas remaining.


MAPPING: Once you have only a few brainstorm ideas remaining, spend some time on each one and physically map out your paper, using whichever writing map you have been previously taught. It will be quite obvious which topic you should choose in the end: whichever map is the easiest to make and whatever your gut is telling you!

Then, it’s time to rock that paper!

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Overall Presentation

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