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Ethics Term Paper Ideas: How To Make Your Project Stand Out

Ethics, the study of the systematic underpinnings of what we consider right and wrong as moral, educated human beings, is a branch of philosophy that many students still enjoy taking today. This is a class that is rife with enjoyable topics to right about that are seemingly endless, and often very moral debates that can really get a class urgently discussing whether some aspect of behavior is really right or wrong. Since everyone has opinions of what right and wrong is, whenever you think of one topic, you can literally turn it over and discuss it from the other point of view.

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Ethics Term Papers

When writing ethics term papers, often the project will seem like an argumentative essay because you have to provide your own evidence for an ethical point of view that you are arguing staunchly. So basically, you are really writing an argumentative or persuasive essay – you are arguing for your point of view to be taken as the right point of view about whether or not certain aspects of behavior, or certain belief systems are morally right or wrong.

You want to have a very strong thesis statement with these kind of essays and make your point of view on this subject very clear. For example, “In this paper, I will be defending the rights of women to have abortions. I believe, ethically that . . . “

Also, you want to make sure, in any kind of project on ethics, that like any good argumentative essay, you acknowledge the other side’s point of view – their major rebuttal, and that you take another paragraph to refute this rebuttal, before your closing paragraph.

Some Great Ideas For Ethics term Papers

  1. Ethics and The Practice of Law: How Can You Really Be a Defense Attorney and believe in Ultimate Right or Ultimate Wrong?
  2. Can Anyone Truly Be Happy in the Face of Death?
  3. Ethics and Sexually Today
  4. Is Sex Before Marriage Morally Wrong
  5. Should We Honor our Mother and Father and How?
  6. The Morality of Friendship: It Takes a Friend to Be a Friend
  7. Do You Have to Go to Church to Be a Good Person
  8. Are there Universal Moral Principles for All People?
  9. Should We Live For Pleasure or Duty?
  10. What is Bentham’s Hedonistic Principle?

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