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Where to Look for an Intriguing Research Paper Topic: Fresh Tips

When selecting a research paper topic there are some steps you will always want to follow. You want to make sure your topic is always interesting, original, well thought-out, and relevant. To take your topic to the next level, to find an intriguing research paper topic, here are some fresh tips.

New Sources

One of the best places to find current and intriguing topics is in the news. The news will have fresh stories that are just coming out, and review current issues. Reading and watching the news can help you identify some topics you would like to write about. Select something unique to write about for your next research paper.

Social Media

Although it may not immediately come to mind, social media can be a great method of selecting a topic. With the rise of social media, trending topics, and hash tags we are able to rely on social media for the latest news. By looking at what is currently hot on social media, you can identify potential topics for an intriguing research paper. Sources like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and more are used in news reporting and addressing public issues. Use these resources to explore uncovered topics.

Emerging Information

Another great source for selecting a topic will be emerging information. This information cannot only be found on news sources, and social media—but scholarly publications too. A simple search engine of cutting-edge research and emerging information can reveal new field research, data, inventions, and idea that could inspire an intriguing topic.

Video Resources

With the rise of the Internet we have also seen a massive increase of video documentaries and other video resources for reporting and sharing. New documentaries and available videos can inspire new topics for you to explore. Documentaries will also provide a plethora of primary sources, with interviews and first hand accounts.

Personal Passions

Writing about something you feel strongly about can make for the most intriguing topic. Your writing will have an intrigued tone, captivating your audience. Select a recent issue you have heard of, and share the latest on the topic.

With the help of some unconventional resources you can locate extremely intriguing research paper topics. Look high and low, and search for something unique. You will hold your attention and the attentions’ of your audience much better with the fresh topics that can be found on news sources, social media, emerging information, video resources, and more.

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