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A List Of Nursing Research Paper Ideas To Choose From

Nursing is a medical profession. Well trained nurses are in demand worldwide because on some level governments understand the work that goes into the job and the need for people to perform it skillfully in order for hospitals and entire health care systems to function.

Despite this, nurses are often treated with less respect than doctors, dentists and veterinarians. This is one of the reasons that research in the field should be undertaken with care. Any topic chosen provides an opportunity for members of the profession to be viewed with greater or lesser respect for the following reasons:

A good topic can change lives

Research that leads to advances in the way care is provided to an under served population can change not just health-care but an entire country.

Redefining nursing could lead to a change in demographics

Most nurses are female at present but a shift in the gender lines could result in the profession being thought of as more serious.

It may inspire future nurses to think of themselves differently

If nurses enter the profession with more confidence this will affect the way they approach their patients and may even lead to new standards being created.

Here are a few topics that could be created with those concepts in mind:

  1. Using community involvement to stem the obesity epidemic
  2. Curbing lifestyle illnesses through outreach
  3. Palliative care and counseling of the soon to be bereaved
  4. The future of Pediatric medicine
  5. Diet and orthodontic nursing
  6. Meditation and the provision of care to chronic pain sufferers
  7. Music therapy for anger management
  8. Yoga as a gentle exercise for senior citizens
  9. Cosmetic surgery: Nursing in a field with focus on aesthetics
  10. Nursing in the Neonatal ward
  11. Psychiatric nursing and how it can affect the standard of mental health care

Some other ideas to bear in mind:

You need not confine your source material to what has been produced by other nurses. There are many professionals who study medicine and their work may be just as influential to you. Look into it with that in mind and do not restrict yourself in keeping with anyone else’s biases.

As you brainstorm your ideas, work with the other people in your class. If you are close enough you can even consider researching complementary topics at the end of your program. You may even find yourselves speaking about the changes that you helped enact at the same events.

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